House of Estee Lauder Classic Parfums 4-Piece Set: 1.7 oz Estee, Aliage, Cinnabar & Azuree -

House of Estee Lauder Classic Parfums 4-Piece Set: 1.7 oz Estee, Aliage, Cinnabar & Azuree

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Product Description

Set Includes:

Estee is the second fragrance ever made by Estee Lauder. This woody floral scent debuted in 1968, with explicitly feminine notes. Lemon, peach, and raspberry make up a few of the top notes for a deliciously fruity combination. Honey, jasmine, rose and iris add a classical sweet scent to the mix. Sandalwood and cedar bring warmth and a little bit of spice to the fragrance. 

Aliage is a sport fragrance spray for women created by Estee Lauder. This fragrance has been a longtime favorite, originally launching in 1972. This woody floral fragrance has a touch of citrus with top notes of peach, citruses, and green notes. The middle notes are jasmine, caraway, pine tree, and Brazilian rosewood. Base notes consist of musk, myrrh, vetiver, and oakmoss. 

Cinnabar for women was launched in 1978 and is a warm and spicy fragrance perfect for an exciting night on the town. The top notes of this perfume are fruity tangerine and peach, citrusy bergamot, fresh orange blossom, along with spices and cloves. The heart notes are lily, carnation, rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, as well as ylang-ylang and cinnamon. It then transitions to the warmer base notes of incense, vetiver, vanilla, benzoin, amber, soothing patchouli and sandalwood, and a hint of tolu balsam.

Azuree, a tantalizing women’s fragrance by Estee Lauder was designed with the French Riviera in mind. You’ll become spellbound by the many herbal and earthy accords that connect you to your environment. Top notes of sage, basil, gardenia, aldehydes, artemisia, and bergamot present a wide array of botanical ingredients that remind you of a casual stroll through the French countryside. Heart notes of geranium, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, cyclamen, and more delicious floral accents inspire thoughts of lovely flower gardens thriving under the midday sunshine. Finally, base notes of patchouli, amber, musk, oakmoss and potent leather finish the fragrance for an all-encompassing treat that simply carries the complex aroma of a beautiful landscape.

Size: 50 ml/1.7 oz each