Bobbi Brown BBU Pro Lip Palette w/Lip Brush Limited Edition

  • $179.95

Product Description

Bobbi Brown's much-loved Artist Palette for Lips features four different formulas for lips. Lip formulas include 22 Luxe Lip Color shades, 15 Lip Color shades, 11 Nourishing Lip Color shades, and 6 Creamy Matte Lip Color shades all in a sleek made-for-pros kit. Designed with a labeled interior divider to keep colors organized-including Bobbi Brown's Top 10-so you can mix and make endless looks. A portable palette that's easy to use on-set or simply on-the-go.
Luxe Lip Color Shades:

Russian Doll, Red Velvet, Retro Red, Desert Rose, Crimson, Brocade, Parisian Red, Your Majesty, Pink Buff, Flame, Raspberry Pink, Hot Rose, Atomic Orange, Pink Guava, Spring Pink, Posh Pink, Uber Beige, Almost Bare, Lilac, Pale Coral, Pale Mauve, Mod.

Lip Color Shades:

Raisin, Rose, Chocolate, Burnt Red, Red, Pink Mauve, Blackberry, Brown, Blondie Pink, Cocoa, Pink, Pale Pink, Orange, Sandwash Pink, Salmon.

Nourishing Lip Color Shades:

Black Plum, Raisin Berry, Blue Raspberry, Desert Rose, Italian Rose, Carolina, Poppy, Rose Petal, Coral Pink, Beige Gold, Pale Mauve.

Creamy Matte Lip Shades:

Heart, Red Carpet, Tawny Pink, Crushed Plum, Calypso, Jenna.

Size: 1.0 g/.035 oz Each.