Desire Blue by Alfred Dunhill for Men 1.7 ml/.06 oz each Eau de Toilette Splash Vial (Lot of 3)

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Product Description

Launched in 2002, Desire Blue is a contemporary aromatic green fragrance for men. The opening notes are a complex blend of fruit and florals. Lychee’s sugary sweetness is balanced by the juicy tartness of mandarin and bright, freshness of bergamot. Lotus lends its lightly floral and aqueous qualities for exotic appeal. Sea notes added to orange and Brazilian Rosewood are warm and salty giving the fragrance a youthful, energetic twist on a traditional combination. Aromatic tonka bean, benzoin, and amber provide a smooth powdery base with hints of chocolate that linger long after the other scents have evaporated. It is suitable for casual work days and weekends.

Size: 1.7 ml/.06 oz each (Sample Vial)

Quantity: 3